Chizzuk from our Chayalim

“Wanted to share some quick thoughts: I got called up to reserves yesterday. Baruch Hashem I’m able to help Am Yisrael, G-d’s chosen people, eliminate the scum who want to destroy his world. Make a Kiddush Hashem by showing Hashem’s presence and protection of His people. On a personal level, I feel a lot of emotions. The feelings of fear and strength/faith bouncing back and forth in my head makes it hard to focus on anything. But when learning a bit and thinking a bit about how far I’ve come personally, it’s really a beautiful moment. To be in a fight for our lives, we must truly appreciate what our lives mean to us, how far we’ve come, and the positive direction where we’re heading.

We must do whatever we can to stay strong, to strengthen our faith in our rock— הצור תמים פעלו. Hashem is always with us.

I saw a timely piece in the Rambam that says that doing anything that’ll weaken your spirit is an Issur M’Doraytah during wartime. We need to reconsider what looking at the news is doing for us, whether it’s articles or videos that display only the bad— and continue to do what we can to make a positive difference. To learn, to daven, to donate blood, to call your loved ones. Do everything we can to actualize our drive and not let our thoughts weaken our faith.

Am Yisrael Chai!”

יעקב חי בן רבקה רישא

“No words can describe the shivers that run down the back when you hear the phone ring on Shabbat and you know exactly who it is without even looking.
From the long drive up north on Shabbat, to the long army days which flow one into the other, it is mentally and physically difficult.
There are countless stories which have been told about the previous wars and the way the whole country banded together. While the reports are disturbing, it provides a spark of energy to see how everyone takes care of each other. It has been only 2 days and already we have had many visitors bringing food, clothes, and other necessities. It is so beautiful to see and we all know that only together we are victorious.
I find myself continuously thinking of the verse from last week’s parsha which was read as the war was breaking out – ויהי בישורון מלך בהתאסף ראשי עם יחד שבטי ישראל”

ליאור אלעזר בן שושנה

Even though we here are doing our utmost to protect you physically, we know that you, at home, are protecting us spiritually and emotionally! ❤️
We can feel the immense warm embrace of support, well wishes and Tefilot that you send our way every day, and it gives us the energy we need to do our part for Klal Yisrael!
Although, if truth be told, the true heroes of these difficult times are not the soldiers in the field but their wives, parents, grandparents and children back home.
B”h we have been training for this moment for years. They have not.
We are in the company of old comrades and friends. They are often alone (in the deepest sense).
We are being endlessly pampered. They are changing pampers (dipers).
We are kept busy and active. They are busy trying to keep everything afloat back home, holding at bay their own nerves and tears.
We sleep at night (when not on mission). Their misson never ends, and sleep is no easy feat. Our sacrifice is celebrated. Theirs is unfortunately often overlooked.
As this war has repeatedly reminded us, our families are the true front lines.

אשר יצחק בן שרה ורדית

ויקח עשו את־נשיו ואת־בניו ואת־בנתיו ואת־כל־נפשות ביתו ואת־מקנהו ואת־כל־בהמתו ואת כל־קנינו אשר רכש בארץ כנען וילך אל־ארץ מפני יעקב אחיו
I heard this from Rav Weitzman, the Rosh Yeshiva of Maalot. In the Torah when Esav leaves Yaakov it gives a long list of all the items and possessions that Esav took with him. Why is this such a detailed list? The answer is in the pasuk. It is because he is leaving from Yaakov. This is at a point when Yaakov is shalem. He has reconciled with his brother. He knows exactly who he is and where he is- he is in his land, Eretz Yisrael. So for him there were no doubts or questions. Esav had as we see in the pasuk a thousand reasons to stay. He was the bechor, he was strong. But he was lacking that shleimut and understanding.
This is our land without a doubt. That’s part of the reason I made Aliyah. That’s part of the reason I did hesder. It’s the reason I drafted in the first place. This is our land. This is our Torah. This is who we are and there are no questions, there is no doubt about it. With a full and complete understanding of that all our challenges will just melt away.
מרון יצחק צבי בן נעמי