Our Chapter serves teens from Modiin and Chashmonaim and is very active with various activities and meetings of all different types taking place in the area: from fun, social activities to educational and spiritually uplifting programs. Teens from grades 9-12 participate in our activities, while a number of the teens are active on the chapter board, taking part in planning and making the events come to life. The board is essential in our goals of cultivating leadership skills, responsibility and active participation in one’s Judaism.

We hold events such as Friday night davening, meals and oneg as well us weekday events including, pizza and discussion, latte and learning, movie nights, bowling, game nights and much more.

Overall, our chapter provides a fun, relaxed and welcoming environment for teens to come and socialize with their friends, build relationship with their advisors and just have a warm religious environment to hang out in. Look out for upcoming events, come and get involved. We can’t wait to meet you!!

Ezra & Tali Silton

Modiin Chapter Directors