The teenage years are challenging at the best of times. Add being a recent immigrant to the mix, and the challenge is even greater. Anglo teens are confronting questions of who they are and how they can have an impact on their new surroundings. They have left the communities and familiarity they grew up with, and they are not yet comfortable in their new environments. They struggle with cultural differences, social limitations, the language barrier and even a desire to contribute to society without a framework in which they can do so.


NCSY Israel is the premier organization in Israel, dedicated to connect, inspire, and empower teen olim to the Land of Israel by encouraging passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition.¬†Since 2015, we have enhanced teen olim’s religious and national connection to Israel, positively impacted their attitude towards National Service, and have provided integration support to acclimate into Israeli Society.


Shabbaton Weekends: 

Shabbaton weekends inspire and educate Jewish teens in an atmosphere conducive to religious pride and growth. Shabbatonim are designed to impact post high school plans, the Religious Zionist outlook, and the significance of living in the land of Israel.

Latte & Learning:

Latte and Learning brings Torah to local coffee shops and is discussed in a relaxed and fun setting. Latte and Learning is the place for teens to ask questions, voice their feelings, and connect with each other.


Cultural events are themed to address different challenges that teen olim face, connect them to Israeli culture, and enhance their religious connection throughout the Chagim.

Mega Events:

Monthly mega events provide for our teens a fun and exciting night where they can meet new friends and develop relationships with their advisors. Mega event include: Rock Climbing, Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Game, Lazer Tag, Ice Skating, Bowling, JumPark, and More!

Continued Relationships:

Outside of events, advisors bond with their NCSYers over a latte or slice of pizza. They provide guidance for them about high school life in Israel, language support, cultural norms, and bureaucratic technicalities that apply to Olim.