Chavrutot Barzel

Join us in the fight for Am Yisrael using our strongest weapon: Torah

Here’s how it works-

  1. Pair up with an NCSY Israel staff member and some friends if you want. Learning can be done as a one on one chavruta with a staff member or a chabura with a couple of teens together with a staff member.
  2. Choose a sefer or topic that you want to learn.
  3. Register your chavruta/chabura below.
  4. LEARN! Learning can be done in person or by video call.

For each chavruta OU Israel will sponsor a care package for a family evacuated from the North or South of Israel.

And after you learn 4 times in Chavrutot Barzel, NCSY Israel will sponsor the sefer you are learning!

Stay tuned for more info on siyums, prizes and lots more!

Questions? Contact Emily Stemp at 058-350-1544 or