My People Live On – TOI Blog Post

Posted on April 30, 2020

If you only saw a snapshot of the NCSY Israel Yom Hazikaron ceremony, it would appear relatively standard; a number of speakers, some videos, and prayers. But if you tuned in for just a couple of minutes to hear what our teens had to say, to listen to their voices, you would easily recognize the uniqueness of the event. Behind the words of our teens was deep meaning and connection. Because beyond their windows was the national siren and beneath their feet was, or rather is, the Land of Israel. Even in a virtual reality, the physical world for these teens is that they are in their homeland. And that fact, while not readily apparent from a computer screen, transforms the virtual experience to one that is filled with greater meaning.

For the teens of NCSY Israel, Yom Hazikaron is not foreign or distant, as it may be for those living abroad. It is a point of connection to their home in the most authentic of ways. It is embracing the nation, the people, and the land just outside their front doors. It is a day that expresses a strong sense of appreciation for the soldiers who fought for this reality; soldiers who our teens can relate to as many will themselves draft into the IDF.

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