A 3 Month Reflection on NCSY Israel – TOI Blog Post

Posted on January 7, 2020

As we began preparing our quarterly report, I felt the need to reflect on my first three months working with NCSY Israel. I started the position in September and since then I have been meeting with teens, parents, board members and staff to learn more about the organization and our accomplishments. I have experienced both regional and local chapter events firsthand. And from it all, I have been utterly amazed.

NCSY is an international youth movement dedicated to connecting and inspiring Jewish teens towards passionate religious Judaism. The movement was not foreign to me when I began with NCSY Israel. In fact, it was a significant part of my high school years. I was a member of my local chapter board and remember the strong inspiration and motivation I received from my experiences there. I made my first siyum (completion) of a book of gemara in my senior year at an NCSY Shabbat oneg and credit a large part of my Torah learning towards NCSY. I made Aliyah after college and never thought that NCSY would re-enter my life in Israel. But after finishing a master’s degree, I was offered a job at the relatively new NCSY Israel region. As a “young” region, now in its fifth year, there is a lot of room for growth and development. Yet it has also been incredible to see what has been accomplished so far.

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